Yellow Minnie Mouse Party

Yellow Minnie Mouse Party {Avery’s 3rd Birthday}

We had so much fun at Avery’s Birthday party! It was amazing, and extremely over the top. But I loved it all and it was very yellow, very Minnie and very fun!

We had a dessert buffet, food buffet, drink bar, photo op, craft, and food table! There were over 60 people with around half of that children!!

I love a well decorated party with tons of family and friends and a happy hum of conversation and fun!

The mantle had my “it’s a mouse thing” blocks and topiaries. Presents were put on the fire place so it was a fun spot. The ribbon is now holding all the cards she got. I love this idea to display them , I am going to have to do it every year.

For food we had a hot dog bar and a nacho bar. A little something for everyone!

I made little Minnie jars for the mouse-ka-tools and the have bakers twine and everything!

Loved these little orange Mickeys, they were cuties and little orange slices. A little candy and a little fruit, yum!

A standard at parties, veggie cups!


I loved this table, my mom asked if there was anything she could get and I asked for flowers because I wouldn’t buy them for the party but I would love to have them! She called me and named all the types of yellow flowers at the shop, I told her it was up to her, I was happy with anything that she would bring.

I think she brought one of each. I have never, ever had so many flowers in my life and it was amazing!!

I put them in all kinds of clear and white jars and put them down the length of the table. AMAZING!

I always like to have something to sign at the party. I have been doing it since Avery’s first birthday, this year, the word “three” was a little long and there wasn’t a wooden number “3” that was big enough so I grabbed a couple of sizes of wooden plaques from the same aisle and it worked perfectly and fit with the theme! I displayed it with her canvas and it was a perfect little station!

The dessert bar was near here.

We had lemon Minnie cookies with Vanilla cookie ears and fondant flowers a very nice friend made for the party.

“Mouse Ear” cookies that got dipped in yellow chocolate and marshmallow bit polka dots {these are much cheaper than the little pearl like sprinkles}

Cupcakes, there were a bunch more than what was out but I loved the display.

There were cupcake pick cupcakes and Minnie ear and flower cupcakes, all with marshmallow bit polka dots.

These marshmallow pops have become a signature, they are always a hit people, ALWAYS. Just melt the candy melts, dip and add a stick. These were extra pretty because of the fondant flowers.

These silhouettes were made with the Cricut and I love the way they added a little something to the table.

The back was a yellow and black crepe paper and plastic table cloth back drop.

They are all my favorite parts, but this was a special addition!

Of course you have to have Mouse ears! I just added some circles to headbands and bows in the middle for the girls!

My girl!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the drink station, I joke that it has the blogger trifecta, glass jars, bakers twine and paper straws. Love how this all came out.

These are my favorite drink carafes, my mom got them for my wedding years ago from Pier One and now I have them all, LOVE these! We had polka dot water (water with lemons), Minnie’s Cocktail (sprite and yellow juice) and lemonade.

Bubbie and Zayda brought balloons!!

Photo Op area was so fun, love all the props I made with my Cricut too!

There were also chalkboards to add little notes and personalize the photos.

Here is the plain backdrop, a cute little doily and cupcake liner banner and plastic tablecloth.

Later, I added balloons because, well, why not!

The mantle with many presents for a beautiful and lucky little girl.

Avery working hard painting.

Me and my baby.

Love the silly picture.

Holding her Mickey picture.

Favors were just a crayon, bubbles and a little notebook I made with some Minnie paper and white paper stapled together. These great little containers were 12 for a dollar at the dollar store!

We had an amazing time! I hope you liked the party!!


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4 Responses to Yellow Minnie Mouse Party {Avery’s 3rd Birthday}

  1. Amanda Cunningham March 7, 2013 at 3:48 am #

    This is awesome! Avery looks adorable in her dress!! I loved it!

  2. gypsyrps March 7, 2013 at 4:09 am #

    Wow, what an incredible spread. i especially love the mantle. Thanks so much for sharing. It looks like it was a blast!

  3. Jenny @ Creatively Blooming March 7, 2013 at 4:50 am #

    I love how you did yellow rather than the traditional pink or red. Cute!

  4. Eva {Tales of the Scotts} March 7, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    What a cute party! You did so much fun stuff. And I love the different color scheme!