woodland creature baby shower

Woodland Creature Baby Shower

I love to throw a party, but, if you can believe it, I have never gotten to throw a baby shower- until recently! When one of my friends found out she was having a baby, I knew that I was going to do my very best to make sure that I got to host the shower. The stars aligned and I was able to finally throw a woodland creature baby shower. I don’t know who had more fun, her or me… well probably her, but still!

Obviously food was one of the most important parts and we went with a salty and sweet theme, because, well, there is nothing better! I loved putting this table together almost as much as I loved how these little hedgehogs turned out! One was a savory ranch cheese ball and the other was a sweeter cheesecake style cheeseball. Honestly, these were not my recipes, I would search on Pinterest for one that looks good to you and then wrap it in plastic wrap and make it in the shape of a raindrop. After it hardens in the fridge for a bit, you can pull it out, unwrap and cover in sliced almonds and add the face. I used black icing in a small tube and a mini chocolate chip to be the nose. The sweet one was surrounded by a couple of flavors of graham crackers.

The savory one was surrounded by various water crackers.

I also had fun with the cake, it was decadent and there was so much food and excitement that we didn’t even cut it! It ended up going home for the men of her family to eat later. If I am being truly transparent, I was trying to make a drip cake, but then it didn’t work so I used my offset spatula to smooth it out and it almost gave it a wood grain feel that worked perfectly! I added some flowers on top (sitting on a plastic disc so they were not touching the cake) and it was great!

This shower also gave me a great excuse to do an DIY that I have been eyeing for some time now- a donut wall! This was so fun and as much a centerpiece as a display piece, I wish I would have taken video or pictures of this process but this is certainly something you could search on Pinterest!

The last part of the party was, of course, the favor and keeping with the theme I had a DIY trail mix bar with all the salty and sweet fixings you could imagine. The baskets I scored on clearance at Michaels and you know I have a stash of linens for every occasion.

I wonder what party I will get to throw next!


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