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Weekend DIY- Faux Shiplap!

Not surprisingly, I get a lot of ideas and usually I either act on them immediately or they get pushed to the back burner for 2 weeks after forever. I have wanted to paint my room forever, practically since the minute I put the GREEN PAINT my husband picked on the wall. Green is not […]

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DIY Outdoor Couch

Sometimes, you get the urge to build… or at least I do. Just that feeling hit me a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to build something so I went surfing on Ana White’s website because she has free plans for so many projects. I have been thinking about a couch for my […]

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Quick & Easy Photo Transfer Holiday Sign

I am back! It has been a while since I have blogged and this time it was not for lack of creativity, but just plain old lack of time. Which is why Craft Lightening was the perfect day to come back! This craft is easily under 15 minutes, I guarantee that it took me longer […]

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Easiest Photo Transfer Method EVER!

I love a good Pinterest fail round up, I have to be honest, but I don’t so much love when they happen to me, especially over and over. That is the case with the photo transfer to wood tutorial that I have always seen all over Pinterest. None of them have ever work for me […]

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Outdoor Sight Word Wall

Avery has officially finished Kindergarten and her first year in elementary school! There was one thing that was bothering me the whole year though… the sight words that were hung on the fence on their playground. It wasn’t the whole set, most were gone or falling off and they weren’t very fun, so by the […]

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DIY Coffee Mug Shelf

There is something that I am sure we can all relate to- Pinterest inspiration. Recently I have given up energy drinks (again) and started drinking coffee more, which justifies the purchase of adorable coffee mugs. Well, it didn’t take long for my new found collection to outgrow our small shelf in the cupboard and I […]

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DIY Book Boxes

Hey all! This is a post that I have shared on another blog before, but since that blog isn’t there anymore and I really like this DIY project, I thought I would repost it over here today! These little DIY book boxes are fabulous! I saw this on a few blogs, but they were spice […]

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15 Minute DIY Wood Photo Backdrop

It is one of my favorite times! Craft Lightning!! I love to work on and check out quick crafts because, well, they are quick! This is a craft that is more practical, but since there was no theme this time, I thought I would go with something that took 15 minutes and made my life […]

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Wood Burned ‘No Soliciting’ Sign

Every now and then I get requests from friends and family members for craft projects, and this was one of those times. My mom had an idea for a ‘no soliciting’ sign and after we talked about how to do it, she just asked me if I could finish it. So I did and this […]

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Stenciled Spring Decor Blocks!

I love decorating a mantle, but I also love putting together a design slowly and that can be kept around for a few weeks or even a month or more. Since we are finally getting into spring, which here in San Diego, I am really hoping that means we will get some rain and maybe […]

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