wood pallet water station

Wood Pallet Water Station

I have had my eyes on some wood pallets that have been at the preschool forever. I knew that they could be something awesome if I could just get my hands on them!

As soon as I had an extra second this summer, I grabbed one up and had it in my office for about a week until I was done creating this:

wood pallet water station

Isn’t it fun??

I think that I had as much fun making it as the kids do playing with it!

First I sanded it down to get all the big splinters off. Then I picked up some clear tubing from Home Depot and the rest of the materials I just looked for and gathered from around the preschool. Tubes, pool noodles, zip ties, funnels, whatever I could find. I love creating pieces like this that use what we have in a new and creative way!

pallet water station

After it was all set up with some giant zip ties holding it to the fence, I put cups of colored water and some little scoops for the children to explore and then we discovered something awesome, can you see it in the middle picture on the right??

water station

The water started making a pattern! With different children pour different colors, they were staying separated in the tubes and almost stacking on each other. It was so cool and made a fun sensory activity, turn into a math exploration!

There are still two more pallets at the school….. what else should I make?


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