wood burned garden markers

Wood Burned Garden Markers

Over the weekend we did a WHOLE lot of work on a part of our yard that had previous had no use. It was so overgrown that we couldn’t even get to the end of it. 2 days of dedication and we are the proud owners of an extra 600 square feet of outdoor space which we turned into a garden!

I will share a whole post on that and how we made planters out of things I found around the house. It will be a fun post. But these I just had to share today. I have the paper markers that come with the plants in the garden right now and you know those aren’t that cute. I knew I would have to figure out something that could stand up to rain and weather which knocks out a lot of paint and markers.

Good thing I had another tool on hand!

I got a wood burning tool in December with a gift card. After the coupon, it was under $15 and it is an awesome little gadget.

The only thing is it gets HOT, like don’t even mess around with it when the kids are in the room hot. I only use it when Avery is napping or someone is home and I don’t have to get up once and leave it. This thing is awesome, but no joke.

First I cut some 2×4, there are a lot here that are also for another project I have in the works. Of course you will see that soon!

I just free handed the wording on mine. If you wanted to use a stencil, that is an option too.

Then I just used the tool with the bunt and rounded tip and went over the lines slowly. It is easier to use this on smooth wood but I liked the look of the banged up pieces (plus it is a perfect use for the scraps) so I just ran with the rustic look.

And they are done!!

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