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My Summer Mantle {Part 1}

I love switching out the mantle from season to season but it is still a skill I am working on. I dream of having one of those mantles with the perfect number of items that gives that full look without crossing over into cluttered. At my craft class last weekend, we worked on 4th of […]

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Cranberry Napkin Rings

It was a sick day here today. Little one has a fever and is not herself So I went to the store to get the normal crackers and high vitamin c/electrolytes beverages that come with a sick day and thought I would pick up a couple of things  for Thanksgiving since I was there. I […]

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It never fails, I usually finish my mantle for a holiday about a day or two before the actual holiday, I just keep adding and adding. Why should 4th of July be any different? Here we are the day before the holiday and I am still adding to the mantle, but why not, I will […]

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One person’s rock…

Is another person’s pendant necklace!! Yup, I went there. I got a rock out of my back yard and turned it into this: Not too shabby huh? Click “Read More” to check out how I did it! First go in your backyard and look for a rock. Not a boulder, not a pebble, but a […]

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Button Necklaces

My mom gives me all her old craft supplies when she is over whatever new trendy project she bought them for at the time.  Fine with me!  One of the latest batches yielded me a BUNCH of buttons and I wanted to think of something to use them for before the husband threatened to throw […]

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Just call me your ‘Personal Crafter’….

I have an etsy shop and do a lot of invitations for people, but more often than not, I get specific requests for certain items from friends and family. This weekend was full of them so I thought I would lump them into one post and share them with all of you! First, was my […]

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