winter tree decor craft

Winter Tree Decor Craft

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I am not doing Thanksgiving this year, which in all honesty I am kind of bummed about, so to distract myself, I have jumped right into holiday decorating! I thought I would whip out

This craft is super simple and I am pretty happy with the way it came out!!

zipper tree

I used all things I had on hand, paper to make the cone and hot glue to attach some zippers I grabbed from Wholeport HERE to my paper base.

It really does not get faster or easier to put one of these together!!

I started with the cone, I just twirled the paper in until I got the shape I wanted and then taped it. After that, all I had to do was trim it down to the height I wanted. Then I grabbed all my zippers and started with the longest ones, I cut the zipper off of each one and layered it on the cone, starting at the bottom. I hot glued one on at a time with the zipper part facing down, I just used progressively shorter pieces and trimmed as I worked my way up- I saved the scraps from the bottom pieces as I went though because they worked great for the smaller pieces at the top!

zipper tree 2

When I was done gluing, I was getting some interesting looks from my husband because it was, well, weird looking! But to fix that, I grabbed a can of spray paint and gave the whole thing a good coat, now that I think about it, I should have added some snowy glitter!! I think there is still time!

zipper tree 3

This craft is easily under 15 minutes, except the drying time which can be quick if it is a warmer day. If you are in the cooler months that are already getting snow, however, I would recommend that you don’t spray paint outside. I have found when it is colder at night when I spray paint, it doesn’t work as well so it would be a good idea to figure out an inside alternative (the garage maybe?).

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