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Today I am going to share this long awaited post- about what I carry around in my purse. I know, I know, this is highly anticipated.. ok, maybe not, but it is fun to see what other people deem important enough to lug around all day. I love checking out other posts and even have a couple of blogger friends that do whole series on just this subject! Fun! Here is what I carry in my purse, well, with all the recipes and food wrappers taken out.


All of the  things pictured are things I just can not live without each day- they have to be there. Everything else is fluff, but these things are there to stay. I care a couple of charger options for a variety of devices, lip balm, a brush, my wallet, pens, my phone, a camera for just in case, my organizer and RESCUE Pastilles. Seriously people, all of these things are mandatory!


Let’s take a closer look at the organizer, this is a business card organizer that I use to carry around a couple of the business cards I may need, but mostly to hold and organize all my gift cards and various tickets. Generally when you get family annual passes to places, you get a few perks or free admission tickets and I pop these in these holders as well. This is just so much easier then having  them flying around the inter-webs of my purse or bulking up my wallet (it doesn’t need any help with that). I may even put all my not so commonly used club cards in there to really help my wallet out.


Lastly, but certainly not least, my Rescue Pastilles. I am a fast paced mommy who is extremely guilty of over committing myself. Like constantly. So it is not uncommon for me to stress out more than necessary multiple times in a week over all that has to get done, which we all know is not going to help me complete anything. Plus, the important part here is I offer to do the stuff because I LIKE to, I like to craft so of course I offer to make 15 centerpieces for something in 2 days, so the stress isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t super helpful either. That is why I love these Rescue Pastilles, it is a natural way to relieve stress so I can go about my activities and enjoy the process. Plus, they are like gummies so they are super quick and easy to eat and I prefer these to something more like a hard candy, and they come in 4 flavors! Even better, RESCUE has a coupon available on their site —> HERE!


RESCUE is a long loved brand in my house, I first heard of them, wait for it, from my dog’s Vet. I was like… huh? They said there is a natural remedy that you could find at Sprouts or Whole Foods that was designed for adults, but works great for animals that experience stress as well. Because, of course we have an animal that also has stress. It is super affordable and now there are so many more options- there is even a specific formula for animals! RESCUE is something that has been in my pantry for over a decade and now that I have found the RESCUE Pasitlles, has a happy new home in my purse as well.


So, now you have to share with my your methods to managing stress, you can never have too many ideas!

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