what to look choosing cat food

What to Look For When Choosing Cat Food

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Today, I wanted to take a chance to talk about our fur babies and how to choose the right cat food. But first, look at our cute little Chloe:

Isn’t she adorable? The thing that is funny about Chloe is that she chose us, not the other way around. No, seriously, here is how it happened. Back, about 7 years ago when Wade and I lived in an apartment, our dog Penny spent at least three nights in a row just sitting by the front door with her nose stuck to the bottom of it. We couldn’t figure out what she was obsessing on, but evidently it was very important. Then, one night when Wade was coming home late, he stumbled upon this face:

sitting on our door step, meowing with an attitude like “um, where have you been, I have been trying to get in here for days”. Yeah, she is all types of grumpy, but we like her anyways. Because we were push overs, we let her come in and after trying to see if she had a microchip or other identification, we took her to the vet to find out how old she was. She is so small we thought she was under a year, they estimated instead 9 years. We were shocked! And that was 7 years ago remember! Chloe is pushing an estimated 16 years old and she is out living all the cats in our extended families. Can you believe that? You know what helps? Great cat food and that is why we are loving the switch we made to GOODLIFE™ brand cat food.

Healthy Tip #1: Switch cat foods gradually! When switching foods, it is important to mix the new food into the old food for a few days to a week to make the transition better for your pet. If you want more tips, you can check with your pets Vet for more personalized instructions.

Healthy Tip #2: Pick a cat food with high quality ingredients, like GOODLIFE™ brand. Real chicken or fish should be the FIRST ingredient in any food you choose for your dog or cat, if it isn’t? Move on, it is so simple. There should also be veggies and fruits and no preservatives. Avery was so cute when we stopped by Walmart and used our $1 off coupon found on their website here to pick up some food for Chloe, she pretty much adopted her and wanted to pick her food, I would say she has good taste, wouldn’t you?!

Healthy Tip #3: Give them some love! Of course cat’s are kind of a princess pet and Chloe is no different, she wants to be pet and if she stops, you will hear about it! Avery is all to happy to comply- mismatched pjs and all!!

Healthy Tip #4: By all means, let them sleep! Cats sleep a lot, they have the life don’t they? I personally love that I can usually find Chloe on my craft bench, and seriously, does it get any cuter??

What tips do you have for healthy pet care?!

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