weekend diy faux shiplap

Weekend DIY- Faux Shiplap!

Not surprisingly, I get a lot of ideas and usually I either act on them immediately or they get pushed to the back burner for 2 weeks after forever. I have wanted to paint my room forever, practically since the minute I put the GREEN PAINT my husband picked on the wall. Green is not my jam. So this last weekend I guess I found the last straw because I got a wild hair to paint the room. I love gray as a neutral and that we could pretty much pick whatever color bedding we wanted and it would match. I don’t know if you have ever tried to match bedding to green walls, but it is not an easy task. But anyways, back to the paint, after that was done, really it only took a few hours, the other wild hair I had started creeping up and well, you can see how that turned out:

I have loved accent walls and shiplap for as long as they have been floating through Pinterest. But recently, I am equally obsessed with Instagram stories and one of my favorites to follow is the girls from Classy Clutter. They shared how to install a shiplap wall and I wrote down the shopping list on post it and stuck it in the desk. Well, I have been thinking about it for weeks but after the room was painted (did I mention the color? Great Graphite by Behr) it seemed like the perfect time. The furniture was all moved away from the walls, we were already a hot mess, it was perfect! The only problem? Instagram stories only last for a day so those few minutes of video were long gone and all I had left was my memory of the tutorial and a post it. Being a DIY risk taker (apparently) that seemed good enough to me and I was off to Home Depot to purchase my supplies.

faux shiplap 2

I asked the nice gentlemen at the store to cut each of the pieces of 1/2 inch MDF into six 8×96 inch strips, 3 sheets (18 strips) perfectly covered my walls. While they were doing that, I grabbed 2 inch nails for my nail gun, an a quart of Behr paint (I ended up going back for another quart FYI, MDF is a sponge when it comes to paint) in the color Swiss Coffee.  When I came back they were done and I was ready to go,  and getting considerably more nervous about how I was going to fit it all in my car, but ready to check out nonetheless.

Once I got home, we grabbed the nail gun and got to work. While I was inspired by the Classy Clutter girls, I couldn’t find a tutorial on their site, so I ended up following this one and if I can be honest, I mostly just glanced at the main diagram to get a game plan and then I just said a prayer and hoped for the best. I started in the middle up at the top, making sure it was level (because the ceiling was not, I discovered that one side was an entire inch taller than the other) and nailed into the studs and at each end. Then I hung the next full board lined up with the left wall, the third board lined up with the right and so on. It is very possible this is not the best way to do it, but that is what we went with. We hung all the full boards and then went back and measured and cut each of the end pieces and filled them in like puzzle pieces.

Once we were done, we hung some molding around the edges to finish everything off and it was time to put things back together. I painted my headboard black so it would pop, I just used some good ol’ spray paint in flat black by Rustoleum.

I built a simple 2 shelf side table for my side of the bed with scrap wood and MDF but what I was much more proud of was a solution I cam up with for Wade’s side of the bed. Since the dog crate is on his side and there is no room for a side table, I built a simple table that fits right over the top of the crate so he has a flat space for a light, his phone and so on. It works quite well and I just painted it with some leftover gray because, well, it is what I had on hand.

There you go, my 26 hour adventure into spur of the moment diy projects! Pretty sweet, right? Have you ever had a spur of the moment project? Let me know in the comments below!



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