watercolor coffee filter flowers

Watercolor Coffee Filter Flowers

It is teacher appreciation week!!! In our class, surprisingly, I am not the one in charge of this, aren’t you proud?!

But anyways, the mama that is in charge came up with the idea to have a vase for each teacher that the students would fill with something different each day that they made. Today, the kids were asked to make flowers and it was so sweet to see the vases filled with all kinds of different flowers- these are the ones Avery made (with my help of course).


coffee filter flowers


Aren’t they sweet?! And super simple. I just started by having her paint two coffee filters, I stacked them so that when she painted one, it would soak through to the other and save time.

After that, I found something to trace, which in this case was some washi tape from Avery’s kid set. It was the perfect size to get about 7 circles from one coffee filter. Honestly, had I not started this activity with her right before bed, we would have painted more and had bigger fluffier flowers. But I didn’t and they are still sweet.

Then I just cut them out.

flower collage one

Next each set got stacked up and I pushed the pliers through the middle to make two little holes. I have heard they make this thing called a hole punch that would be much easier to do this, but the pliers were sitting right next to me and don’t forget that I was doing this at the last minute. Improvise I tell ya.

I grabbed the pipe cleaner (yellow is what I had but being that my kid is known for yellow, it worked in my favor) and stuck it up through one of the holes.

Down through the other hole, then wrapped it around the base.

flower collage 2

The last thing to do was fluff and scrunch each piece into the middle, one layer at a time. Then you are done!!

To be completely honest about time, she painted them in about the 15 minutes before bed, then I let them dry over night and I made the flowers with them this morning between lunches, breakfast and getting people dressed for the day.

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