washi tape valentines banner

Washi Tape Valentines Banner

This weekend I officially gave in to the Valentines day bug. Ok, really, I wasn’t really avoiding it but hadn’t had any ideas I loved for new decor ideas either- but decorating my mantle in pink, white and read was just what I needed as a project to hold my focus for a bit. There are so many parts because I remade everything and didn’t use anything from last week so there will be a series of posts. First, I wanted to start with this fun, quick and easy washi tape banner.

valentines banner

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious washi tape addiction. I see it and I want it, if it is $2 or less that is, some of the washi tape that is $3.99 or more is easier to pass in the store without buying. But anyways, I have been picking up a lot of valentines style but would be fine for all year options at Target, some in the dollar spot and some in the Valentines day section and thought this would be a fun way to use it all! I started with a stack of washi tape- anything I had in pink, white and red, and some red triangles of cardstock. The top is 5.5 inches wide and the whole triangle is 8.5 inches tall- they are made from half a sheet of 8.5×11 cardstock. I just started laying all the tapes on horizontally going over the sides, when I was done I wrapped and trimmed the edges.

valentines banner 2

I made 6 pieces so that I could have four in the middle say ‘xoxo’ and then two blank ones on the side. When I grabbed a piece of red ribbon, it was just barely too short by a couple of inches. In the corners of my mantle I have these little nails that were there when I moved in so it has always made it real easy to hang things on the mantle. So when this ribbon was just a bit too short, I had to get creative because I was determined to use it! I ended up tying a rubber band into the knot on the end on each side. This way I was able to just hook the rubber band on the nail and it gave me the extra couple of inches I needed. I will have to remember this trick!

Valentines banner 3

Have you made a new banner for Valentines this year?

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