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Easy Office Decor Idea

My husband officially has an office, like a real office in the main building of the organization he works for, it is pretty fancy. Well, it could be. But here is the thing, my husband is the definition of minimalist. If he had his way, all the walls would be bare and white and there […]

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Kid’s Room Gallery Wall {Thinking Beyond Frames}

I finally finished Avery’s gallery wall!! In all honesty, it isn’t that it took so long to put together, I was just missing the last finishing touches. I had spray painted a bunch of frames black and hung them but there was a big open spot and it was off balance for a while. I […]

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Alphabet Wall

I have been wanting to do one of these alphabet walls forever but I haven’t, well, had the money to invest in 26 letters and I don’t have the attention span to collect them over time. Plus I would probably get that hoarding lecture from my husband again. Anyways, when I got the new classroom, […]

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"We Do" Sign

I have been working on sharing all the posts I said I would write when I shared my classroom tour last week and her is another one that I am really happy with!   It is a sign that gives a great impression of the values of my classroom, it was inspired by this pinterest […]

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Tissue Paper Mirror

I have been working on this mirror for around a week now, it is one of those projects that is a time investment but pays off BIG in the end, see… I love the way both the mirror and my dresser came out! I thought I would combine these posts and tutorials because they aren’t […]

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Keeping It Simple

From Canvas to Photo Frame

This is one of those projects that almost wasn’t. The director at the preschool (don’t so many of my projects come from her?) found three more frames (and maybe more) that she asked me to modify into the photo clothespin frames like THIS on or THIS one. Of course I would, especially with Avery out […]

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Paper Stenciled Letters

You can stencil with pretty much anything, there is no doubt about that! But I wanted to share another area of the craft store that you should check out for affordable stencils, the scrapbook paper wall! There is a whole section full of laser cut papers that may not fit my scrapbook budget but make […]

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Wall Canvas {$5 Project}

Remember my story about this frame? How I turned it into this photo frame in THIS post? Well you know I wasn’t going to let that canvas go to waste right? In fact, I was even more excited when I got this home and realized it was a canvas that was framed instead of an […]

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Scrabble Decor… on the wall!!

I had done a flash back back post a couple of weeks ago about my Scrabble Decor and my girl Kara from Mine for the Making said I should do something like that on the wall. I have been thinking about that for a while but I didn’t know how to do it affordably and […]

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I was SO glad to get this project done because it has been on the to do list for quite a while now. Well, more like the ‘dear please’ list- our version of the ‘honey do’ list. But the hubs works like 124 hours a week, roughly, so I never feel like I can ask […]

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