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Quick & Easy Room Parent Notebook

One of the biggest thing we tackle at the preschool (besides the fundraiser that I have starting next week) is finding room parents for all the classes. Many amazing moms volunteer and many more step up when I need a few more. We had our first parent committee meeting last night and this was the […]

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Volunteer Mom Organizational Hack

Usually, if you are a momma that volunteers, chances are you volunteer at more than one place or organization. For example, I volunteer at Avery’s school on both the PTA and Foundation, at our synagogue (preschool, Torah school, etc) and I am also a Girl Scout Troop leader. That creates a lot of notes, membership […]

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DIY Soccer Banner Tutorial

So, it is official, I am a soccer mom. I knew it would happen someday and you know what?? I could not be more excited- it is so fun!! Avery is doing great, and by that I mean following directions a good part of the time. She is only 3 after all. Naturally, as you […]

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