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First Day of First Grade Photo Prop!

So, last year I shared my giant letter K that I made for Avery’s first day of Kindergarten, today I kept on with the tradition for Avery’s first day of first grade! I made a giant number 1 and I didn’t take step by step photos but I do feel that this is pretty self explanatory, let’s check it out!

1st grade photo prop

I first cut my long 2×4 to be about as tall as Avery, then I cut a piece that was half the length for the bottom of the 1 and a small piece about 6 inches long with a 45 degree angle cut out of one side for the top of the 1. I used small little pieces to go over the two pieces on the back and nailed them both a few times with my nail gun. Then I added a piece of 1×6 to the bottom to make it stable and able to stand on it’s own.

As for the sign, I found this adorable chalkboard with a glitter border from Joanns and added some vinyl to the front to say #1stdayofschool. Since the sign was so affordable and I was able to use a coupon, I went ahead and used vinyl instead of chalk so I wouldn’t have to worry about any coming off and I could encourage everyone in the class to take a photo.

I am so proud of my tiny human and I hope she has an amazing time in 1st grade!!

What did you use for your first day of school photo? Let me know in the comments below!


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