volunteer mom organizational hack

Volunteer Mom Organizational Hack

Usually, if you are a momma that volunteers, chances are you volunteer at more than one place or organization. For example, I volunteer at Avery’s school on both the PTA and Foundation, at our synagogue (preschool, Torah school, etc) and I am also a Girl Scout Troop leader. That creates a lot of notes, membership envelopes, receipts and money that needs to be kept separate and there are only so many different places in my wallet! During my back to school shopping, I grabbed up these pencil pouches because they were on a penny deal and a few weeks later I came up with the perfect use! Check it out!

organization hack

This is so simple but I think it will be beyond helpful to keep in my car, in my purse or on my desk and fill as needed. I can keep all my receipts separate, any dues I collect or anything else that fits in the pouch. The best part? This is a $.03 solution!

organizational hack 2

I went to my Cricut and cut some labels out of gold vinyl. I made one for PTA, one for Girl Scouts and one for other. PTA and Girl Scouts are what I will need the most with receipts and such so they got their own.

organization hack 3

The apply some transfer tape or clear contact paper to the top after you weed out the extra vinyl.

organizational hack 4

Then peel it off, apply it to the pencil pouch and remove the contact paper. That’s it! I think it is going to be helpful and I have already put them to use!

organizational hack 7

What is your volunteer mom hack? Let me know in the comments below!

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