volunteer mom organization

Volunteer Mom Organization

It’s the New Year! Along with that is a number of resolutions, many of which have to do with organization. I definitely follow the cliché, heck, I make almost a daily resolution to be more organized! Especially when you volunteer as many places as I do! I am always looking for a better way to keep track of everything and y’all, I think that I have found it! Check out the Staples Arc binder!

When the awesome people over at Staples offered to send this to me before the holidays, I was all over it. I didn’t really know what I was getting but I was thrilled to try it out! Upon arrival, I saw dividers, the binder, pages and all types of fun little accessories like a note page and flags and tags in all colors. I figured I would start with the dividers.

volunteer mom 2

I went with a divider for each of the main types of meetings I attend, PTA and things for Avery’s school, Girl Scouts, Parent Committee meetings for Avery’s Torah School, and then I added Blogging and Other to cover everything else.

volunteer mom 3

Then I just started bringing it to every meeting! Two months in and this book might as well be my bible, it has all my notes from all the meetings I attend in one spot and separated and organized! I love it! I even use it so much that I had to go back to Staples and get the bigger rings (these fun pink ones, a set of black ones came with it originally) to accommodate more notes! It was a quick switch too, which was nice and I didn’t have to start all over.


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