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DIY Calendar For Kids

I shared my calendar last week when I posted my classroom tour and while I don’t think there are tons of teachers that would use this, though of course they could, I do think that there are a lot of homeschooling moms in blog land or moms of littles that might want to integrate some […]

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Rhinstone and Pearl Felt Cuff

I have been having fun making cuffs lately and I thought I would share one of my latest ones with you all!    This is kind of a fun- wear with a plain t-shirt that needs a punch- one. Also, it is beyond simple to make.  Click “Read More” to see how I did it! […]

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Plastic Chair Makeover {Tutorial}

So, we all know that when we have children, they come with a lot, sorry- A LOT, of stuff. And usually it is primary colored and looks like this: But, to be honest, my favorite design combinations don’t involve combining all the primary colors, like many children’s toys would suggest. So I changed it  to […]

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