valentines day sweet treats

Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

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Way back in Ocotober, I went to the SoCal Social which was amazingly fun- you can check out that post here– equally as fun were the amazing swag bag we received full of goodies from fabulous sponsors. One of those items, a bag of Cookie Chips, barely made it through the drive home. For the record, the only reason it did was so I could share with Wade, but the thought did cross my mind to finish it off and then just get Wade his own bag. But anyways, back to the point. The wonderful people at Cookie Chips were so kind and sent me a variety pack with five of their amazing flavors, for my review. Um, done!

ice cream sandwiches 5

You know I could not just leave it there, right?! I had to make some fun little gifts for friends and family for Valentine’s Day! These adorable little ice cream sandwich cookies are the perfect little ‘slider version’ and great for treats for little ones. One of these is the perfect size for my 3 year old and would be a fun dessert on Valentine’s day or even treat for the whole class!

I simply used my small ice cream scoop (the one I bought for making cookies) and plopped a strawberry scoop on the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Chip and then pressed a second one on the top.

ice cream sandwich 3

From there, you could just eat it, delicious, but I chose to add some sprinkles on the end because it was cute and I thought my daughter would get a kick out of it. She did. I made multiple versions, I also had some chocolate ice cream that I paired with all the other great flavors, you know, just to be sure. We tried Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Sea Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip. Not surprisingly, all were amazing.

cookie chip ice cream sandwich

Since that is great for the students, I had a fun idea for teachers as well, how about a fun little Smores mix featuring any of your favorite flavors, I went with the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Chips with some marshmallows and chocolate candies and mini grahams, adorable and delicious!

Smores Cookie Chips Mix

How are you treating your family and friends for Valentine’s Day?

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