valentines day coffee treat

Valentine’s Day Coffee Treat

Valentine’s day is almost here and you know as moms we are working on all the fun things to do with and for our children, but we should get some of the heart filled treats too! That is why I thought I would dress up my morning coffee with these fun heart shaped marshmallows, but because you are still always a mom, these would be fun in hot chocolate too!

valentines coffee

They were super easy to make, I used this fun food cutter tool, but really it was because it was the smallest heart cutter I could find. You could use a small heart cookie cutter as well.

valentines coffee 2

I flattened a regular sized marshmallow and cut the heart out but I would have loved to use those flat square marshmallows that they have out in the summer for s’mores but I couldn’t find any. I made it work tough! Then I rolled the edges in sprinkles because much like glitter, why not?!

valentines coffee 3

It was a simple and fun addition and really, we could all use more of those in our day.

valentines coffee 5

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