valentine trees

Valentine Trees

Hi all!! I am excited to share a bit more of my Valentines mantle with you all!! I always like to make things as affordable as possible, which is no surprise, so I wanted to re-purpose some things I had on hand and incorporate a really affordable material I just kind of stumbled upon. With all of this I was able to not only make one Valentine tree craft to share, but two!

valentine trees

Do you see both? It originally started with the branches from my winter mantle. They were all white with that burlap tie which easily transitioned to Valentines day, they just need a little embellishment!

valentine trees 2

My not-so-secret weapon of choice?? Sixlets! These are so fun and I found this bag at my Vons for $1! Perfect! I cut open all the little bags and Avery helped me put all the candies in a bowl.

valenitine trees 5

Then all I had to do was hot glue them onto the branches! It gave them a fun little pop for the ends of the mantles.

valentine trees 3

I had so much fun with them there, I wanted to make something else with them too- and that is when the idea for the cone trees came into play. You can of course buy the forms or styrofoam cones, but they can get really pricey and I feel like these paper ones work just as well. Plus I always have cardstock on hand so they are free!! Even better! I folded up the cone, glued it and trimmed it and done! I had the perfect plain surface to start gluing the candies all over. I think it is the perfect touch to bring out the candies in the branches as well. (‘brings out the candies’ is totally something that you would only read on a craft blog… amiright!?)

valentine tree 4

What Valentines crafts have you made lately?? Share in the comments!

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