valentine crafting with kids

Valentine Crafting with Kids!

Even though Avery is in school, I still like to get our craft on at home! I can’t help it, it is in my blood, and hers too. Plus, Avery’s school doesn’t do Valentines day so we need to get our love crafting on at home! When her cousin came over the other day, of course I thought it was the perfect opportunity to break out the paint, cookie cutters and doiles!

I generally like to just provide children with materials and see what they make and these came out great!

We started with heart cookie cutters in paint, as long as you wash them, I don’t find a problem with using my cookie ones but I also have a set for Avery too, mostly so I don’t have to clean them as thoroughly.

Then I put out the doilies, you know I love a doily!

If you just taped them down a bit, with one piece of tape, they can go to town painting on top with sponge brushes and you are left with a very pretty design!!

We even discovered that the painted doily, after it is removed can make it’s own prints on paper!

It was a great time crafting and so affordable!
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  1. Julie Rogers February 5, 2013 at 3:35 am #

    I love the sponge paint and doily idea!!!