valentine chalkboard sign

Valentine Chalkboard Sign

It is so fun because we are just under a month away from Valentines day and I feel like I am behind the game because I haven’t posted a Valentine project yet! I have been pulling out things from the garage and trying to think of things that I don’t already had. That is where this “Valentine..” board came from. It is a chalkboard so you can easily write notes back with your non-chalk loathing husband. Mine may never right me a note but I know Avery will have a blast with it!

I started with a sanded board, any size really, and some red paint.

I gave my board a couple of coats.

Then I cut out vinyl on my Crictut Mini, I used the craft room so I was able to weld the letters together to make it one sticker instead of having one for each letter, awesome! Oh and I don’t know why my camera and the lighting in my craft room came together and decided to make my mat look awful, it isn’t really as dirty as it looks!

I put the transfer tape over the top of the vinyl and peeled it back, it peels it off the backing for you when you do this step. Make sure you take out all the pieces you don’t want, like the small ones in the “e” and the “a”.

Then I did as the tape suggested and transfered the image to the top and center of the board.

And peeled off the tape.

Here is where I tried something new, normally I would tape off the section for the chalkboard but I have seen the free-handed look so much lately, I thought I would try it! My OCD flared a little bit while I was doing it, but I am happy with the finished product.

Here is what you do if you would like to hang it; I got the coolest little picture hanging kits from the dollar store, love it!

To put them in the wood, first I took a push pin and pressed it in where I wanted the eye hook. This is like “pre-drilling” the hole but not actually drilling, does that make sense?

Then I had a hole to screw in the little eye hook. I repeated this on the other side.

Then you would just add some ribbon to each side and done! It is ready to hang and write sweet notes on!

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One Response to Valentine Chalkboard Sign

  1. macmomma January 17, 2013 at 2:10 am #

    Very cute! I like that this can be done for any occassion. I think I am going to do 1 for each of my grandkids for their birthdays. Thank you for the inspiration!