using unconventional materials in tablescapes

Using Unconventional Materials in Tablescapes

I put together a lot of tablescapes for a ton of occasions and I am always challenging myself to stick to a budget and try something new and many times that means using materials in new ways. I have come to find some favorite tablescape materials in a variety of places and you wouldn’t believe how many more options there are when you step out of the box!

unconventional materials

First, tablecloths. For a while I loved using fabric and would for most parties, dinners, holidays or events. But I only had neutrals so they would be versatile, but then that got boring. I started using plastic table cloths eventually because you could match them to the party and they could be a little more fun. I still use both options but recently I also love incorporating wrapping paper! There are so many patterns and one roll will usually cover about 2 banquet tables. The width is usually perfect for my banquet tables as well! Plus the patterns are just endless and you get them for about $3 a roll so that is about $1.50 per table. Not bad!

unconventional materials 3

For table runners, I have also cut down wrapping paper but recently I have been loving shelf paper for table runners! This goes along with the wrapping paper in that it is more affordable than fabric runners and has some great patterns. But the added bonus in this is that you can usually re use it for other things after the party! I used a patterned paper for my graduation table that I put in my student’s cubbies at work after the party. I chose a black, non adhesive no slip version for this table and can’t wait to show you what I turn that into!

unconventional materials 4

Next up, chargers. I like to use chargers because for 9 out of 10 of my parties, I use my plain white plates so chargers are a fun way to add to the table without having to buy plates for every party. Now, I tend to use a lot more disposable stuff for brunch parties than other parties because it is early and I don’t want to start the day off with so many dishes, but the plates are still white- fun and square, but white. This is where the scrapbook paper comes in. I have cut it into circles for under my circle plates and I was able to keep them square for under these square plates- that way the table went together even faster!

unconventional materials 2

I finished it off with some napkins, utensils and food and we were ready to go! I hope this post helps you think of new things you can use in your tablescapes!


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