uno birthday cupcake picks

UNO Birthday- Cupcake Picks

Since Wade is having surgery again a couple of days before the party i wanted to make something that would make decorating the cupcakes go quickly on the day of the party and we all know that cupcake picks are perfect in exactly these situations. Going along with the theme these were also designed after UNO cards.

Here is what you need:

  • Colored card stock- white, green, blue, red, and yellow.
  • White or silver pen
  • Green, blue, red, and yellow markers
  • Tooth picks
  • Hot glue gun

First I cut my white card stock to 2″ by 1 1/2″ rectangles.

Then I cut each of the colored papers to 1 3/4″ by 1 1/4″ rectangles and hot glued them on top of the white ones in the center.

Next I cut white ovals on the Cricut and glued those at an angle in the middle of the colored piece of card stock.

Lastly to make the front card I wrote “21” in the middle with the corresponding mark to the paper and use the silver pen to put it also in the upper left and bottom right hand corners.

To make them cupcake picks you need to cut another piece of the white paper to the same size as the first set you made.

Then run a line of hot glue and place the tooth pick in it to attach it.

Then add glue on the back of the card and glue that on top of the tooth pick side. This ensures the tooth pick will stay and that there is a clean look to the front and the back of the cupcake pick.

And you’re done!

Come party day, decorating is quick and easy!

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