under 5 kids gift

Under $5 Kid’s Gift

Avery’s social calendar this week is crazy. I can’t remember being this busy and she is only 3. Last Sunday we had a party, Tuesday we had another and this weekend we have yet another!! 3 children in her class all have birthdays within days of each other.

In general, as parents we go to a ton of birthday parties, and even though Avery’s class only has 13 kids in it, times that by $10, $15, $20 a gift and a mom could go broke! I needed to cut that way down so I opt for making presents.

This one has a been a big hit so far!

I love a handmade present; there are affordable, thoughtful and rarely do you have to deal with accidentally getting the same gift as someone else. 

That is a win/win/win in my book!!

Crayon rolls are not a new idea and honestly, I made mine following the WONDERFUL tutorial over at Skip To My Lou. It is great and I was even able to make the ric rac work which is awesome ( I left it off the boy one I made).  I used 3 different fat quarters and the iron on vinyl she recommended. BUT, if you didn’t mind all one fabric or really needed it to be cheap, you could totally make this whole roll out of one fat quarter which is great!

When it comes down to it, I bought 3 fat quarters per gift (I made 3) and one box of the iron on vinyl which I used a coupon for. I spent $18, but in the end, I can make at least 6 more of these rolls with the materials I got in this trip. That comes out to 9 rolls for $18. At $2 a roll you can’t beat it! That leaves a couple of bucks for crayons (I found it was cheaper to buy one big pack and then split it up for all the gifts) and you are done! I made a little paper pad with materials I had on hand, that is not pictured. I used white card stock from my stash and then covered the cardboard that comes in the fat quarters with washi tape and bound it together.

It works for me because I will give these out as gifts for all the birthdays I can until all the kids we know have gotten one. It is so much easier to just decide one gift a year and just make that for everyone. If I was really awesome, I would have sat down and spent a day making 13 at once and had them ready.

 But I am not that awesome, this still works out pretty well. They don’t take that long to make and I have gotten rave reviews so far!

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