under 25 pantry organization

Under $25 Pantry Organization

I am loving being a stay at home mom and the first thing I did was a deep clean on the house to get it caught up.

Now that I feel like I have it where I want it (you know, until children do what they do) I am tackling my list of organizational projects, one of which is the pantry.

I have  a limited budget so I was really happy with how well the project came out and how affordable I was able to make it!


There are a few key parts to this project, the dollar tree, couponing and the clearance section. Without those three, there is no way this pantry would have been done for under $25.

First, I cleared everything out and cleaned the whole pantry before I painted. There was a lot of stuff, to say the least.


Here is the thing about paint, many people get colors mixed and then don’t want them, so they get marked WAY down and put in the clearance area of the hardware store in the paint section. I always check this section when I am there and pick up any nice colors I think I might use, that is how I got this quart of blue/gray for $2. It was perfect!


Next, I had picked up a bunch of shelf liner (26 rolls to be exact, only used 5 for this project) for free (well, actually I was paid $.06 on each roll, but couponing is another post)! So I laid it on all the shelves and it didn’t touch my budget! Then I went to the dollar store and picked up a variety of baskets, buckets and containers for all the food. I will probably get more as I go, but what I bought (about 20 different items I believe) worked great for what I have now. I coupon somewhere between a normal person and an extreme couponer which is why I have so many of the same item, I stock up when I have a good deal.


All in all, I am really happy with the way that the project came out, here is the before and after side by side.

before and after


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