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Keeping It Simple

From Canvas to Photo Frame

This is one of those projects that almost wasn’t. The director at the preschool (don’t so many of my projects come from her?) found three more frames (and maybe more) that she asked me to modify into the photo clothespin frames like THIS on or THIS one. Of course I would, especially with Avery out […]

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Pennant Wreath

As you all know, I haven’t been buying craft materials right now, sorta on a frivolous spending freeze. As much as I would like to think craft materials are a necessity.. sadly they are not.  BUT, I graduate next week and when my Dad told me he wanted to take me shopping for my graduation […]

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Upcycled CD Sun Catchers

My dad is one of those people that just gets computers.  Must be nice, to me computers are like cars, I know what to do when they work but otherwise I am clueless.  Anyways, the point is that he is constantly using CD’s and many times, they are just “frisbees” meaning something went wrong and […]

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"Smile" Table

I am not sure if it translates to blog world, but I am slightly ridiculous. I had some family over for a somewhat serious/heavy conversation (that went well) this evening so I thought I would at least have some fun with the table. I have been wanting to do a butterfly themed table and thought […]

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