top 12 of 2012

Top 12 of 2012

I can not believe that today is the last day of 2012!

This has been an amazing year in blogging. I have blogged about crafts, organizing, tips and family and appreciated all my readers along the way.

When I sat down and went through all of my posts, I was surprised at the number of page views different posts got. I also learned something about blogging, I would previously gauge the success of a post off how many comments it had received. But, I discovered it wasn’t an accurate method! It turned out my 10 New Uses Tuesday series brought a consistent and impressive amount of page views each week and I discontinued it because I felt it was loosing it’s steam. The point is, making this list not only helped me see what was the most popular, it is also helping guide my content for the New Year!

I can’t wait! I have some BIG plans for 2013!

But first, let’s countdown the most popular posts, based on page views, of 2012!

12. $3 Purse Organization

11. I {Heart} Molding

10. Saving $ from A-Z

9. Mason Jar Centerpieces


8. Going to Disneyland with “Fake” Money {Series}

7. Countdown to Mickey

6. Stick Ball Pumpkins

5. Tea Party Birthday Party

4. Denim Ribbon Skirt


3. Under $25 Craft Organization

2. Tulle Decor

And the #1, by far (like thousands of pageviews more than #2) ….drum roll please…….

1. Homemade Fabric Softener!!

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