tooth fairy traditions

Tooth Fairy Traditions

It finally happened! It only took just about 6 and a half years but Avery finally lost her first tooth! Now, since it took a bit longer than the rest of her friends, I have had some time to think about my tooth fairy traditions and I was super excited to put them all into action! Here is what I came up with along with what I gathered from other bloggers and the links to their blogs are at the bottom of this post.

Of course I want to save her teeth, but in all honesty, a little jar full of teeth in a chest somewhere isn’t exactly my thing so I figured a cute little envelope would be a fun way to save it and have it but I don’t really have to look at it unless I want to. I found all these files on my Cricut subscription in Design Space and I cut them out and put them together! I left the tooth in a plastic bag so that I wouldn’t loose it, popped it in a sealed it up.

The last touch was for Avery to write the date on the back, I think this will be fun to look back on as her writing changes throughout the year. Also, because I know that this is a lot bigger and a little bit harder to hide, I already came up with a story in case Avery ever stumbles upon them. I told her that I registered for the return program so the tooth fairy will take it and record it and mail it back to me when she is done. I thought it was funny and cute and would cover my bases, it also amuses me to no end lol.

That went under her pillow and she was fast asleep while the tooth fairy got to work on the rest of her goodies. I am going with the $1 per tooth route, dollars are easier to have on hand than anything else but she did get a $5 first tooth bonus. I did hair spray and glitter on the money and made her a receipt and found a cute printable envelope to put it all in to slip back under her pillow. You have to check out THIS POST to get the link to how to make the printable receipt and get the printable envelop. So much fun!

What are your tooth fairy traditions? Let me know in the comments below!


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