tiny fall front porch

Tiny Fall Front Porch

Y’all I have been front porch swooning for as long as I can remember. The one time I had one, kind of, I was not at a point to truly appreciate it’s potential. Now that I am ready to decorate and live that porch life, I have one of the smallest possible porches you could ever imagine. It barely wraps around my door let alone my house. In the past I have certainly used that as an excuse to ignore this area of my house but not any more! This year I will have the tiny porch of my dreams… or something, and this is what I came up with!

It all started with a wreath, you can check that out HERE. I loved the color combination so I let that influence everything I chose from there on out.

I love the layered door mats and I made the topiary a while ago but I didn’t know what to put it on. I bought one holder that was too big and the one I ended up using was fine, but it was a bit short. All was solved, however, when I stumbled upon these mini hay bales at Walmart. ADORABLE!


The big Cinderella pumpkin my daughter got at her Girl Scout pumpkin patch field trip. She wasn’t in my group and when my we were looking at pumpkins I was swooning (again) over all the white and Cinderella pumpkins. When we got back to the large group pile of course the one Cinderella pumpkin in the pile of orange options caught my eye and you can imagine my prideful smile when I found out my daughter had picked that one completely independent of my comments! It’s the little things y’all.


All the little pumpkins were actually intended for an art project that didn’t happen so I had purchased 18 and didn’t end up using them but, of course, they were not going to go to waste! I plugged them in all over the porch around the hay bales and mums.

fall front porch 3

I grabbed these mums from Home Depot and I love the buckets they came in and how full and festive they look, I don’t know how long they will last in our 100 degree heat wave, but the picture will last forever.

So, there you go, even if your porch can scarcely fit your family, you can still decorate it for fall! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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