the ultimate back to school teacher gift

The Ultimate Back to School Teacher Gift!

It is almost the first day of school, but with Avery going off to Kindergarten, I have orientation coming up before I know it! The school that Avery is going to does not have a specific supply list, and most supplies are pooled and shared as a class, but I still wanted to put together something for my daughter to give to her new teacher. Being a preschool teacher myself, I have a list of things I love to have in the classroom so when I got this adorable Creative Options Craft Tote, I knew I had to fill it up with my must have items to make the ultimate back to school teacher gift!

teacher gift idea

It all started with the Creative Options Craft Tote (you can grab it at Walmart), when I got it in the mail I thought it was so adorable and as much as I wanted to keep it for myself, I knew it would be as awesome as a first day of school gift! I mean, the colors and design are awesome but look at all the pockets too! The inside piece even unsnaps and comes out so you have even more ways to use this great storage solution.

teacher gift idea 2

After I had the tote, I gathered all my favorite supplies including the standard crayons, markers and pencils but also Sharpies, foaming hand sanitizer, pencils and dry erase markers in fun colors.

teacher gift idea 3

To start, I added some mason jars to the inside of the tote because who doesn’t love a mason jar? They also offered more ways to separate the various school supplies.

teacher gift idea 4

Next, I just started adding all the pieces to the tote. I mixed and matched and changed my mind a few times until I fit everything in somewhere. There is a lot going on in this tote!

You could keep everything packaged, but I liked the way it all fit loosely so that is what I chose to go with as a design.

teacher gift idea 6

The best part, is that it looks so great as it is because of the awesome Creative Options Craft Tote that there is no need to add any other type of gift wrap!

teacher gift ideae 6

I have another back to school item checked off my list and I couldn’t be happier… well unless Avery would just stay little and stop growing, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen!

teacher gift idea 7

How do you get ready for back to school? Tell me in the comments below! Also, make sure to keep up with Creative Options on Facebook and make sure to check out more WONDERFUL ideas over on!


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