the things i will put on my kids head

The things I will put on my kid’s head…

I have made some crazy bows, flowers, hats and other various head adornments for my daughter. She is so awesome because she is always a willing model and so cute!!

Here is the latest, can you tell what it is made out of?


I will give you a hint:

Doilies!! I made a big doily flower!

Here is how it started, I was messing around with the idea of tissue paper flowers and really liked the way they looked, that is when I glanced over to a pile of doilies and thought, why not?

Here is how I made it, first I took apart around 15 or so of my small doilies, they stick together so it is easier to do this first. Then I stacked them up in a pile.

I used a small hole punch to make two holes in the center, it will kind of make them look like large buttons.

Then I stuck a pipe cleaner (looking back, I think you should do two because it is pretty thick and heavy) up through the bottom and out the top.

Then turned it over and put it through the other hold and back down to the bottom.

I tied it around the longer piece and this would be the stem if you kept it as a flower and didn’t attach it to your kid’s head in some way.

I started with the center one and one at a time crunkled it up in the middle.

Keep going…

Keep crunkling and crunkling, trust me, it will look like this and you will think you messed up but you didn’t.

Until you are done, then you can fluff it out the way you like.

I added floral tape because at first I thought I was just going to stick it in a vase.

It was simple to take it from faux flower to headband, I cut two squares of felt and grabbed a simple headband.

I cut the stem down a bit, but not all the way because don’t forget that, that is what holding the flower together.

Then I hot glued the stem to the bottom of the flower and then one of the pieces of felt onto the bottom of the flower.

I hot glued the head band to the felt.

And then the other piece of felt over the headband.

Done!! I will be honest, it isn’t rain proof, and it is rather fragile so I don’t know how long it will last but I do know that it would be a fun idea for a special occasion.


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2 Responses to The things I will put on my kid’s head…

  1. Amy - while wearing heels June 22, 2012 at 2:53 am #

    Adorable flower on an even more adorable model. Doilies, huh? I am impressed. Here is hoping for lots of rain free days to show it off :)

  2. Lindsay June 22, 2012 at 2:57 am #

    I am SO Making this asap for my girls, they would love it! Thanks for the awesome tute!