thanksgiving table decor

Thanksgiving Table Decor

I hope that you all are having an amazing time with your families today!! I am in back to back holiday party decorating mode with my daughters Thanksgiving feast at her school yesterday, Thanksgiving at my sister in laws today and the family Hanukkah party tomorrow! I wanted to take a second today to share our Thanksgiving table decor at both parties the last two days and how one clearance find at Vons became integral to many tablescapes!!

thanksgiving table decor

First, the Thanksgiving feast at Avery’s school, it was so much fun and everyone loved it!! A bunch of the moms came together to make a fun lunch for the kids and I knew we had to have an amazing table to go with it! I fully believe that kids love a fancy table just as much as adults do, and  just because they are young doesn’t mean they should have a little flair too! I started with some turquoise table cloth and these fun little straw plate holders that we  have used a thousand times for the kids. I had no idea they could fit so many table themes!!  The wheat bundles were regularly $15 and I got them  for about $3 each and those gorgeous pumpkins were $25 and I got them for $6.25- amazing!!!  For the table runner, I used some painters paper roll down the whole table, fringed the edges and wrote some things that preschoolers would be thankful for down the middle like mommy, daddy, friends, family, teachers, siblings, puddles, rollie pollies, princesses, super heroes and more- you know, the truly important things. ?

thanksgiving decor 2

The food was just as much fun and I really can’t take too much credit if any at all for this one! The little cheese sandwich turkeys with apple, orange and carrot feathers with homemade applesauce, a fig newton dreidel (because of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah being together) and some jello for fun. They had a blast and it came out so cute!

thanksgiving table decor 3

My little pilgrim had a great time as well!

thanksgiving decor 4

Then I used the same pumpkins and bundles over at our family Thanksgiving on the kids table and the adult table. For the kids, I used the same rolls but put four strips down the middle and a piece of felt on for each place setting. Then I added the plates, cups, paper straws, wheat bundle, some gourds and some cranberries for fun.

thanksgiving table decor 6

The adult table was similar only with the pumpkins added into the mix as well. I love how they looked and can’t wait to get started on the next table theme!

thanksgiving table decor 7After black Friday… of course.

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