thanksgiving prep timeline printable

Thanksgiving Prep Timeline Printable

We are down to the last couple of days before Thanksgiving and if you are feeling frazzled then check out this post and the video and hopefully you will get a game plan together and feel a little more prepared for the next few days!

Thanksgiving prep 2

I talk a lot about this in the video and if you would like the printable- you can grab that here —> Thanksgiving Prep Timeline Printable

Also, I mention sharing some of my Black Friday tips, here they are my friends:

black friday tips

1. WEAR COMFY CLOTHES AND SHOES! This is seriously the most important- you are going to be moving and standing and waiting and looking and you need  to be comfortable. Jeans and a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. This is not a fashion show y’all.

2. Accept that you are going to stand in line. You need to just come to terms with that now, you are going to wait in line, there is no getting around it, don’t be grumpy, it is just part of the experience.

3. Check out the ads and make a game plan. We like to have an order of opperations for the stores we want to hit and what we are looking for. It keeps us moving and on track.

4. Don’t take credit cards- Create a budget and stick to it! Don’t bring credit cards and if you can manage and need to, use cash. Stick to your budget, you aren’t saving money if you are buying things you don’t need.

Those are my big four, now, let’s go onto the video!

Also make sure to check out this week’s roundup- Money Saving Holiday Tips!

money saving

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