tea party hat

Tea Party Hat

Part of the fun of a tea party is an over the top hat.This isn’t England and I don’t have crazy funds for fabulous hats so I thought I would just make Avery an over the top hat from a 2$ Goodwill find for her friends birthday party.

Cute right?

So here is what it looked like at first, kinda dingy and very out of date. However, I was quick to tear all the ugly flower stuff off so I didn’t get a picture of the whole thing put together, most of you are bloggers, I am sure you can imagine ;).

After all the stuff got tore off, I attacked it with some pink spray paint.

Then I picked some ribbon, yellow of course. Everything is yellow.

I crossed them in the back to make them lie more naturally.

Then I fray checked the ends of my ribbon.

Then I grabbed some flowers, one larger and two smaller. I put the larger one in the middle.

And the other two smaller ones on either side.

And a little butterfly on the side, so cute!

It was a big hit at the party and not a huge investment! Win/win!

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  1. andie jaye May 2, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

    so fun! i’ve always wanted to do a tea party!