target inspired butterfly wall decor

Target Inspired Butterfly Wall Decor

While at Target recently I saw these really adorable white butterflies that were meant to be put on the wall in a cluster and I really liked them but, as always, I wanted to figure out how to make it myself. Tonight I came up with something I am even happier with- and I still have my 20$ bucks!! Here is mine:

And here is the one from the target website (picture is link):

Here is what you need to make the ones I did:

  • Paintings or card stock in colors that you like or go with the room you are putting them in
  • Butterfly template ( I just drew my own or you could google it and print one out to use)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Laminating machine (or clear contact paper)
  • adhesive for wall (I started with tape until I find one I like and a design that works- I also pulled Avery’s crib from the wall so if they fall they don’t fall in the crib)

First paint your pictures:

Then draw the butterflies on them with the template:

Staple 3-4 pages together (this is a teacher trick so you can cut multiple pages with out them moving on you):

Cut out your butterflies:

Place in laminating pocket or first side of contact paper, then I added glitter, then the other side. If using laminator, pass through the machine.

Cut out, bend up the wings on each side and attach to wall in whatever pattern you choose, I am happy with the way it came out but I can always add more if I want too.

Oh, and a happy baby who watched me put her butterflies up =).

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