tangled birthday party 2

Tangled Birthday Party

I don’t think I mentioned to you all, but I got a promotion for the summer.

Preschool Camp Director.

Holy Moly. It is a lot of work. Especially when you stack it with school and wife stuff and mom stuff and blog stuff and so on.

I’m just a little bit busy.

But here is the thing, I planned a ton of parties for this month before I was offered the position and now I have to add those in as well.

This last weekend it was a Tangled party and it was so much fun to put together!!




It was at a park which has a bunch of difficulties in itself. I feel like I learn new things each time I help with a park party, I think I should write a post!! But we made it happen! It is always fun to work with a crafty mom because she brings a bunch of things to the table, literally, as well!!

She shared with me what she wanted and I made it happen. I made a Tower of rice crispie paint brushes (dipped in chocolate). That was made with cake rounds and a pringles can with a painted bird house on top. I glued one round to the bottom and the top of the can and the one in the middle has a hole in it and was slid on. The cupcakes had paper ‘4’ picks and I made fondant painter’s pallets with white fondant and food coloring markers.

tangled 1

The mommy of the birthday girl made the jello with orange boats, sun cookies and fruit skewers. She also had the idea to do the royal jewels and I made the stand out of floral foam and every party has to have marshmallow pops!!!


tangled 2


The favors were water colors and then that table also had some more royal jewels as well.


tangled 3

On  the tables that were for eating, I made castles on the Cricut and set them on pillow fluff ‘clouds’. For the cetner, I made wands that had the Tangled sun on them and they were stuck into floral foam that was in silver spray painted pots. The kids got to take one of those home too.


tangled 4


Last, of course there was the braid, I wrapped it around a tree support and stuck my kid in front of it, naturally.


tangled 6






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  1. OneMommy June 24, 2013 at 11:58 am #

    So many cute ideas! Pinning this for future use!