super easy candy bark

Super Easy Candy Bark

Spring is coming, at least that is the theory (sorry East coast!) so it is always nice to have some easy recipes to pull out of your back pocket at a moment’s notice. This is definitely one of those ideas because all you need is your favorite chocolate and your favorite candy. This is an especially great leftover candy idea or even party favor! Let’s make some super easy candy bark!

super easy candy bark

First things first, grab your favorite chocolate, in this case I went with white because I just like the look with the candies better for a spring themed bark. Melt it according to directions either in the microwave or a double boiler. Then spread it out into a quarter inch layer on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

super easy candy bark 2

Next, grab your candy and cut it up if you need to into bite sized pieces.

super easy candy bark 3

Then just sprinkle them on top! I like to drop the pan on the counter a few times so that the candy really settles into the chocolate.

super easy candy bark 4

Let it cool and you are ready to break it up into rustic pieces, you could try cutting it but that just sounds like an extra headache personally.

super easy candy bark 5

There you go- beyond easy candy bark idea! What would you add on your candy bark??

super easy candy bark 6

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