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Sunday Deals

Did you get your coupons today? If not go find some newspapers!! This is an awesome weekend for coupons!
We had a pretty good run today, but I want to offer a small disclaimer….
I don’t really know what I am doing. I am a super newbie, but, that being said, if I can do it anyone can. 
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Today we went to Walgreens and CVS and the point of these places is to get their reward dollars. At Walgreens they are called “register rewards” and at CVS they are called “extra bucks” but either way they spend like cash at their respective store. 
Each store has their benefits, Walgreens doesn’t have a customer card so there isn’t really a limit on how many times you can do the deals “per household” but you do have to have the same number of coupons as you do items. Meaning if you have a Walgreens coupon and a Manufacturers coupon for the same item, you can use them both on that one item, but you would need to buy a filler item (something cheap, sometimes candy or something) so that your item count is the same as your coupon count. Make sense?
CVS has an “extra care” card so some of their deals to get “extra bucks” say one per household, but they don’t have the coupon to number concern like Walgreens. So you can have many more coupons than you do items and not have to worry about it. 
Also, it does take a small investment, about 10$ per store (I started with Walgreens one week and then did CVS the next week) to get you started. Basically, I only use my extra bucks on purchases that will get me more extra bucks (or register rewards). That way you invest a little bit in the beginning but then you are just recycling them around as the weeks go on, and spending less out of pocket. That is what you will see in my transactions. I used ones from last week to help pay for this weeks and then I will use ones from this week to help pay for next week and so on. If you don’t have any than you can just start with one of the transaction to build up you initial investment. There are a bunch of websites that can plan out transactions for you, I like to compare those to the ads that come in the paper because it is easier for me to see it on paper than to stare at the screen but they are very helpful. I will add a page within the next week of all my favorite coupon blogs =)!
On to the savings though!!

First we went to Walgreens:
Transaction #1
Cottonelle 12pk toilet paper- 2 for $6.50 AND get $3.50 RR for use on next purchase (today only!)
  • $5 each, bought 2 for $10, used $1 coupon from August coupon book (in store, and this coupon was    good on two so got $1 off each one) AND used $.75 manufacturer coupon.
Dawn dish soap- 2 small bottles for $1
  • On sale this week for $.99 and used 2 coupons from today’s paper for $.50 of one. (I buy multiple papers so that is why I have 2)
Crayola Marker 8 count- $2 and get $2 good on next purchase
Small Legal Pads- 3 for $1 (filler)
  • coupon from Walgreens insert in this Sunday’s paper
Total $11.14 and then I used $5.50 RR from last week and paid $6.14 and got back $5 RR for next purchase. 
Total out of pocket: $6.14
Total Saved: $17.56
RR for next purchase: $5.50
Transaction #2
Scope outlast- 2 for $4.50 + $3 RR good on next purchase
  • On sale 2/$6 and used 2 $.75 coupons
Goody Snap Clips- $2 + $2 RR good on next purchase
3 packs of 2 count erasers $.60 (filler)
  • Coupon from Walgreens ad/insert
Total: ($8.06) – ($5.50 RR from Transaction #1) = $2.56 out of pocket
Total Spent: $2.56
Total Saved: $15.87
RR for next purchase: $5
Total from both transactions: $8.70
Total Value of items from both transactions: $42.13
Total Saved from both transactions $33.43
RR left for next transaction: $5
Transaction #1
Gillette fusion proglide razor- $5.99
  • Used $4 coupon from this Sunday’s paper
Bottle of water for thirsty Scott $.99
Total: $6.98 (plus tax) – $5 Extra bucks from last week = $2.90
Total Spent: $2.90
Total Saved: $13.59
EB for next transaction: $5
Transaction #2
Revlon Lip Gloss- ($5.79 on sale) I spent $4.79 + $3EB good on next purchase
  • Used $1 off Revlon Coupon 
Dawn dish soap- 2 small bottles for $1
  • On sale this week for $.99 and used 2 coupons from today’s paper for $.50 of one. (remember I buy a bunch of papers lol)
Skinny cow singles snacks- $.99 each, I got 2 for .99 + $.99 EB on one 
  • Buy one get one free printable from here
Total ($7.44) – ($5  EB from Transaction 1) = $2.44 + $3.99 EB for next purchase
Total Spent: $5.40
Total Value of items: $30.93
Total Saved: $25.59
EB for next purchase- $3.99

Sooooooooo Grand Totals for the day from both stores:
Spent: $14.04
Valued at: $73.06
Saved: $59.02
Money for next purchases (RR and EB): $8.99
Not to shabby!! Of course prices, stock of items and values vary by region and I post my trips only to inspire you to search the professional coupon blogs and get into this yourself!
Hope you had a great weekend! Make sure to come back tonight for Made by Little Hands!!!

5 Responses to Sunday Deals

  1. Thrifty Crafty Girl August 1, 2011 at 12:49 am #

    Let me just say: I’m a total Walgreens and CVS expert and you sound like a coupon pro! Nice job!

  2. Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life August 1, 2011 at 1:50 am #

    way to go! couponing is the best :)

    My best deals this week:

    - 6 free toothpastes
    - 3 free 3pk Ivory soap
    - 4 free toothbrushes
    - 3 free 3pk Cascade Action Packs
    - Box Diapers @ $10!!!

    Yell if you have any questions. I’ve been at this for about 2 years :)

  3. Lindsay August 1, 2011 at 1:50 am #

    You are the coupon queen! I am so amazed at how well you did today! I will get back to hardcore couponing soon, it’s kind of hard with my little one strapped to the front of me. :) Good job, friend!

  4. Kara @ Mine for the Making August 1, 2011 at 4:48 am #

    You are getting so good!!! I love how you organized this post…easy for me to understand :) I REALLY need to get started.

    Q: Why did you do 2 transactions at Walgreens? Maybe you explained that & I missed it…oops!
    Q: How many papers do you usually buy? Are they just the Sunday paper?
    Q: Do you coupon every week? I typically ad match at Walmart. I NEVER shop at CVS or Walgreens but it looks like it really pays off to go to several different stores in order to get the best deals.

  5. Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State August 1, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    You did great!! I started couponing when I was 18 - so it’s been about 10 years now. Between Walgreens & CVS yesterday I spent $14.05, saved $52.16 & earned $16.49 in RRs & ECBs!

    I got 3 packs of toilet paper, 2 packs of markers, 1 pack of hair clips, 1 folder, a box of hair dye, 2 gallons of milk, 3 bottles of Axe & 2 packs of candy.