summer fun pineapple foam quilting

Summer Fun Pineapple Foam Quilting

Another month means another box from my friends over at FloraCraft! This month we were sent many sheets in varying thicknesses of foam and challenged to make some summer decor. I may have had a bit too much as I made 2 projects this month! I couldn’t decide which was my favorite so I am going to share both, one this week and one next week! Today I am sharing a fun foam quilting method that is as relaxing and easy as it is cute! The best part about this is it can be as simple or intricate as you want. I went with a fun and summery pineapple but it can match any theme or season you choose.

For this I used the 2 inch thick foam sheets that we were given but you could also do 1.5, I think one inch would probably work fine if that is all you have but I wouldn’t go any smaller than that. I cut my 12 inch wide sheet into an 8 inch length, but size is completely up to you and your vision.

For this project I just free handed a pineapple with a black permanent marker, but you could print so many different basic shapes (just do an image search for your shape plus ‘coloring page’ and you will get many options an example would be ‘pineapple coloring page’) and trace them in the middle of your foam. I did an inch border around the edge with the pineapple drawn in the middle. Keep in mind, especially for the first time, you don’t want sections that are too small to work with because it may be hard to get the fabric in between each one.

After it is drawn, take a small craft knife, I am using the Make It Fun Crafts foam cutting knife with the smaller blade to just go about 1/4 inch down into the foam on all the black lines.

Then it is time to start adding the fabric! The pieces of fabric should be about 1/4 of an inch bigger on all sides than the space it is going to fill.

I start by pressing in a piece in the middle of each side with something thin, I am using a craft spatula but an offset spatula (like for cake icing) would also work well. If you just start at one side and work your way around, you could press too much into one side and run out on the opposite side and this way you make sure everything is evenly distributed.

After it is in a bit all around, I went back through and pressed the excess fabric into the cut line all the way around.

I don’t think it really matters if you start in the middle or at the edge but I chose to work on the pineapple first and then I went to the outer edge. I pressed into the front of the foam first and then I pressed it in the side. When it came to finishing it off, I pressed one more strip into the same space on the side and then around the back.

Here is a picture of the back, it is so simple because you are just pressing the fabric into the foam as you go and it holds nicely without any adhesive.

That is it! I went through and added pieces into the white background of the pineapple to keep with the same look and after I filled that in I was done! I love how it came out and it is easy enough to make for all types of seasons or themes! I think the older students I work with might be able to come up with some fun designs as well!

Have you ever tried something like this? Let me know in the comments below!


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