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Minnie Mouse Topiaries {Minnie Birthday Party}

It is Minnie Mouse crafts everywhere you look this week! Avery’s party was specifically a YELLOW Minnie party, because that is her favorite color, so I had to make all the decor. It would have been way easier if she liked red or pink but I had a good time making everything. These topiaries were […]

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Ghost-iaries? {Ghost Topiaries}

Yeah, it is a corny name I know but it is how I roll But what do you think? They were simple to make, they all started with these buckets: Have I told you how I have a great husband? He had to go to Target to pick up some clothes for his new job […]

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Ribbon Tree {Guest Post for Adventures in Mommy-Land}

So you can guess how excited I was when one of my fabulous Homemade in December co-hosts, Charlene, from Adventures in Mommy Land asked me to share a post about a dollar store craft. After a stroll through the store one day, I ended up grabbing the materials for this little beauty… Seriously, could not […]

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Sugar Tree

Doesn’t it just sound good?  What else could you call a tree made out of Peanut Butter Bells and Marshmallows?  I suppose you could just coat a cone in sugar…. if you didn’t have kids,  or pets, or ants.  But anways back to the topic- now that we have decided it soooouuunds good, how does […]

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Easy Halloween Countdown Blocks

You always have to have a countdown right? Especially to something fun like Halloween!  This year I finally got around to making some countdown block and not just wishing I had a set. So when I saw the Styrofoam cubes at the dollar store, I quickly grabbed a couple.  The rest of the materials I […]

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Candy Corn Crazy

Candy corn is (are?) the new black…  Ok, maybe not, but you get what I am saying.   They have been everywhere and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but in a way I haven’t seen already.  My favorite one is the smallest one, it is rosette inspired- do you get it? The taller two […]

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Halloween Fun day 9- Making Ghosts

This was super quick and easy, I really think you could have even done it while waiting at the doctor’s office (I would do such a thing, but I acknowledge that I am slightly ridiculous at times lol). Here is what you need:Scrap FabricStyrofoam ballsWhite threadSharpie First I cut the fabric for the ghost, I […]

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