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Step Out from Behind the Camera

Something is kind of weighing on my today. This isn’t the normal post you will see from me with a fun craft or tutorial or recipe or tip of some kind. This is just a reminder, maybe more of a suggestion. Step out from behind the camera, get in the photos and be a part of the memories.

So you are probably wondering where all of this might be coming from. One of my friends just lost her longest friend. I am talking pictures of these two go back to when they were in diapers. Watching how hard this is for my friend is terrible, I imagine her watching what this family is going through is unbearable.

It was out of no where. She didn’t get in a car crash. She wasn’t part of any kind of accident. She wasn’t living an unhealthy lifestyle.

She was 38.

Her heart just stopped.

She had a husband.

She had a 4 year old.

She had a 1 year old.

Every single part of that is tragic and horrible and something I can’t begin to wrap my head around. But being a mom myself, I think about those kids. The memories that were made are now all they will get. The pictures that were taken are now all they will have.

We need to make sure we are in the pictures and in the memories.

I admit I am horrible about this. I always say “when I loose weight” , “I didn’t do my hair today” ” I just don’t want to”. But really, does my daughter (or any, hopefully, future children I have) really care???


Seriously, it doesn’t matter, what matters is being a part of the memories, jumping in that family photo, taking as many selfies with your kids and husband as you want. Sharing these in multiple place so they don’t get lost. Ignore the double chin, the muffin top, the poor angle and remember that people are looking at the whole picture, the whole memory, the smile.


Not all pictures need to be staged, shot professionally, or perfectly angled. We, especially me, need to stop caring so much about the particulars of a family photo an more about the actual content of capturing those candid moments.

Make sure you step out from behind the camera. You won’t regret it.


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