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Stenciled Spring Decor Blocks!

I love decorating a mantle, but I also love putting together a design slowly and that can be kept around for a few weeks or even a month or more. Since we are finally getting into spring, which here in San Diego, I am really hoping that means we will get some rain and maybe […]

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Tissue Paper Mirror

I have been working on this mirror for around a week now, it is one of those projects that is a time investment but pays off BIG in the end, see… I love the way both the mirror and my dresser came out! I thought I would combine these posts and tutorials because they aren’t […]

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Paper Stenciled Letters

You can stencil with pretty much anything, there is no doubt about that! But I wanted to share another area of the craft store that you should check out for affordable stencils, the scrapbook paper wall! There is a whole section full of laser cut papers that may not fit my scrapbook budget but make […]

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Wall Canvas {$5 Project}

Remember my story about this frame? How I turned it into this photo frame in THIS post? Well you know I wasn’t going to let that canvas go to waste right? In fact, I was even more excited when I got this home and realized it was a canvas that was framed instead of an […]

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Keeping It Simple

$1 Stenciled Door Mat

I know, I know I just shared a cheap-o $2 door mat HERE, but when I was at the .99 store, I saw plain door mats and I know that they don’t last long so I had to grab one! PLUS I just got my AMAZING stencil from  Cutting Edge Stencils so you know I […]

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Homemade Fabric Softner

At our house, I make a lot of things.  If I can’t make it, I coupon it, and if I can’t coupon it- um then we probably don’t have it.  While there are a ton of things I make, there are also some things I haven’t tried yet either, and they are all on a […]

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