star wars fort kit gift idea

Star Wars Fort Kit Gift Idea

As Avery gets older it feels like we are going to more and more birthdays- and we probably are! Sometimes I like to have a little fun with the gift ideas and I have been wanting to put together a fort kit for a while now and I finally got the chance!

It all started with a Star Wars obsessed nephew and a cute set of sheets I saw at the store. Now I think he would have gotten a kick out of just the sheets, but it didn’t seem like that fun of a present on their own. Then I thought it would be the perfect chance to put together a fort kit! How fun! Who doesn’t love a fort??

I grabbed the sheets and then I made my way to the dollar store and stocked up on glow sticks, clips, clothespins and flash lights- all the fort making kit essentials. I was also able to find a great white basket to store everything in when it is not in use! Gotta love the dollar tree!

I put everything together in the basket and it was a fun, quick and easy gift idea- my favorite kind!! I hope you like this idea and try it out for your next birthday gift!


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