springtime gardening

Springtime Gardening

A couple of weeks ago we did a science experiment. You know the one, lima beans in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel. Not so exciting. But then I thought “huh, we just bought all those veggie seeds, why not try those?” So we did, 10 different types I think and it was really interesting. 
And I learned something- lettuce seeds are the absolute best thing to use for such an experiment because in less than 24 hours they started sprouting, and immediate gratification is right up the our ally. 
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But anyways, most of them have been going pretty well for a couple of days so we thought it was time to transplant them into small starter pots (which I found at the dollar store and were leftover from Avery’s birthday party- oh and I grabbed some organic soil from the dollar store too, that place is amazing). 
First we removed them carefully from the paper towel (some of the roots grow into the towel and you want to keep from ripping them.
Then plant them. Scott did most of the work, Avery just played in dirt. 
And add a label.
Done! Now let’s hope they grow! Either way it is an interesting experiment.
Random cute/funny picture of Avery. 
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