spring succulent wreath

Spring Succulent Wreath

It is Spring and while I am not a super fan of leaving winter and getting closer to summer, I do like all the bright colors, plants and building projects that come with this season. I say building projects because planting and starting a garden is fun and totally my jam, maintain that garden? Not so much. My husband has the green thumb, and more importantly, the attention span. That is why succulents are right up my alley, they are low maintenance and it takes a lot to kill them. You know what is even better (and more affordable) than real succulents? Felt ones! That was the inspiration for this wreath, and I love how it came out!

It started with some soft, cream color fleece fabric that I cut into two inch strips and wrapped around the entire wreath. The succulents actually came off of centerpieces I made for another event, that I never ended up sharing on the blog (note to self, do that) and I had quite a few so it was perfect! I cut them from templates I found from Lia Griffith’s site which I am in love with lately, I even bought the year membership back in February because I am obsessed. She had me at paper flowers.

It was really fast and simple to put together because I had the succulents done ahead of time but even if you sat down and made them, they wouldn’t break the bank and you would be able to get it done in an evening. I actually gave wreath to one of my co-workers, along with another one I am in love with, and I don’t actually have one on my door right now. I may have to put together another one of these because it is almost shameful to be a craft blogger with a bare door!

spring succulent wreath 2

Do you change your wreath for each season? Let me know in the comments below!

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