spring pom pom wreath

Spring Pom Pom Wreath

So I have been watching what I am eating, not so much on a diet as I am trying to just change the way I eat as a whole. I wrote about the program I am doing HERE. But through this I have found out something about myself, I really just enjoy snacking, like the taste of things. That is a problem because I eat way too much and while this program has plenty of food, I also need to just keep myself busy with other things that occupy me other than snacking. Now, I feel like I am so busy that this shouldn’t be a problem, but apparently it is! In comes wreath making, like a good blogger should, I LOVE making a new wreath. Many times, I don’t even keep them because I just like to make them and then they stay in my craft room until someone comes over to spot them and I give them away. The ones I do keep, however, that are my favorites, are usually the extremely involved ones that took a lot of little pieces to make like the cupcake liner wreath and the felt flower wreath. Those both spent a lot of time on my door, like multiple months. I would change them out occasionally for a seasonal one but then they would go right back up. The cupcake liner wreath eventually, after like a year, got weathered and I had to take it apart (fact, I never throw away the wreath form, I usually just rip everything off of it and then repurpose it) and the felt flower wreath now lives inside on my message center wall. All of that to share where I got to yesterday, in need of a new wreath and something to keep my hands busy. I have been waiting for a fun project to jump on the pom pom band wagon and this was perfect! It gave me a lot of practice and eventually I got this:

spring pom pom wreath

A new Spring colored pom pom wreath for my door! Adorable, right?! It all cost me probably around $12, the wreath form (a straw one, as always, and remember to keep the plastic on) was about $3 and then I grabbed all the yarn on sale for about $3 each if I remember correctly. I started out making I think around 50 pom poms, then I made around 50 more… and then I made like 15 more. So I would suggest making around 120 and you should be good. I always find that the assembly line method is the best when making multiple of an item, so I wrapped and tied a bunch and then cut them all and then applied them. It went faster than, roll, tie, cut on each one, one at a time. Either way, you end up with…

spring pom pom wreath 2

But that is ok, because once you start hot gluing them onto the wreath, it begins to take shape really quickly!! This is for sure up there with my favorite wreaths- wonder which one I should make next!

spring wreath 3

Do you have a spring wreath?

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