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Sport Bows {& A $1.99 Bow Making Book!!}

Saturday marks another first for Avery and I could not be more excited about it without being committed.

She is going to have her very first soccer practice!!!

I registered her for soccer, what seems like forever ago and I got an email this week from the coach that got her on his team! It is going to be so fun because she knows most of the kids and she loves to run around.

But first things first, before I even have the uniform in my hand, I had to make a set of bows. The first set. I am sure that there will be many more!

soccer bows


I love being able to make my own bows not only is fun because I can make them the way I want and to match whatever I want- it is so much cheaper as well! Bows in the store can break the bank! There is no way that Avery would have the collection she does if I didn’t make them, I couldn’t afford it!

I bought some soccer buttons, a 9 ft roll of 2.25 inch black ribbon and two yards of 1.5 inch red ribbon and it came to just over $6 after coupons. I have enough black left over to make two more of these bows so it was less than $5 to make the two. I wrap them step by step, cinch them with some thread around the middle and hot glue the thread in the back to hold it secure.

bow collage one

Then I just do it again with the red, stack them up, wrap them in the middle with a quarter inch white piece, add the button and glue it to the clip! Easy!

bow collage two

I also wanted to share my bow making ebook! It gives step by step pictures and instructions (much more detailed than this post) on how to make 10 different basic bows and clips! And, the pdf can be yours for only $1.99!!

This book includes instructions on how to make:

  • Flat Bows
  • Loopy Bows
  • Fabric Flowers
  • Korkers
  • Stacked bows
  • Butterfly Bows
  • And more!

Email me if you are interested in purchasing a copy!

Please put “Bow Book” in the subject line!

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