spider cake ball

Spider Cake Ball

I kind of love a bake sale, and this month I get to do two and both are Halloween themed. Well, one doesn’t have to be, but why not?! I have been playing with ideas and truth be told, I have yet to make a cake pop/ball so this was a first and it was way easier than I thought! These little spiders are as cute as they are delicious!

All you need is some leftover cake (one 4 inch square slice of leftover sheet cake is perfect for around 6 cake balls or you can even buy one slice from the bakery section of your grocery store), melting chocolate and candy eyes. That’s it!

I started by crumbling my cake slice into a bowl, we grabbed a sheet cake while we were there for a family party and had one leftover slice. If you are making it from scratch you would use your favorite cake recipe and once cooled you would crumble it into a bowl with 3-4 tablespoons of icing. Start with less and add if you need but you want to make balls that just stay together.

I made golf ball sized balls and placed them on a cookie sheet with wax paper and popped them in the freezer.

While they were hardening, I grabbed my melting chocolate that conveniently comes in a microwavable container and put that in for 30 seconds at a time until it was smooth.

I put a couple spoonfuls in a piping bag and got out some more wax paper to make the legs of the spider. They are just simple pointed lines and you can pipe them pretty fast and since it is supposed to be spooky, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Once those are done they go into the freezer and the balls come out and go into the chocolate to get a good coating. I used the spoon to pour the chocolate over the top and the fork to go underneath and hold it while I tapped off the excess. They go back onto yet another sheet of wax paper but this time they do not need to go into the freezer because they harden pretty quickly on their own.

The last step was to bring back out that mini piping bag and make little dots to attach the legs and then the eyes and they are done! They are so fun and way easier than they look so they are sure to impress a crowd.

I may now be addicted to making cake balls, but there could be worse things, right? What should I make next? Let me know in the comments below!

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